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Arriving to the rally with other pro-life representatives, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) announced the news to the cheering crowd, which he noted was filled with young, energetic faces.

“Do you know why the pro-life movement is on the rise?” he asked. “Because truth is on our side: Life begins at conception. … Science is on our side: Just look at the ultrasounds that have shown us more about the pre-born child than ever before — how they develop, how they react, how they feel pain.”

Ryan, who is a member of Father Gilbert Carlton Council 9360 in Janesville, Wis., then added, “Most importantly, the pro-life movement is on the rise because we have love on our side.”

Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson and other supreme directors attended the rally and march, which drew several hundred thousand participants, including K of C members and families from around the country.

Joseph Basalla, grand knight of The Catholic University of America Council 9542, opened the rally with the Pledge of Allegiance. And 14-year-old McKenna Donohue, whose father is a member of Bishop D.F. Feehan Council 2911 in Buzzards Bay, Mass., sang the national anthem.

From Sister Bethany Madonna of the Sisters of Life to former NFL star Matt Birk, a member of St. John Council 11281 in Naples, Fla., speakers echoed the theme of this year’s march: “Love Saves Lives.”

President Donald Trump also addressed the March for Life rally via a live video feed — the first president to do so.

Joining a number of other families and pro-life witnesses, Deputy Supreme Knight Patrick E. Kelly, chairman of the March for Life, was present in the White House Rose Garden with his wife, Vanessa, and their three children as President Trump delivered prepared remarks.

“You come from many backgrounds, many places,” the president said. “But you all come for one beautiful cause: to build a society where life is celebrated, protected and cherished. The March for Life is a movement born out of love. … And you love every child — born and unborn — because you believe that every life is sacred, that every child is a precious gift from God.”

After the rally concluded, participants traveled the march’s nearly two-mile route from the National Mall to the Supreme Court building, passing the U.S. Capitol and other federal buildings. More than 20,000 Knights of Columbus “Defend Life” and “Choose Life” signs distributed by the D.C. State Council stood out amid a sea of pro-life signs and banners.

In a statement on the March for Life, Supreme Knight Anderson said, “We can find a better way than abortion. We can give hope to every woman and every child. Today, we see thousands of helping hands ready to make this hope a reality, and we know there are millions more willing to give. Together we can bring change.”

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by Columbia staff

For days, these members of San Benito Abad Council 9572 in Patillas, in southeastern Puerto Rico, cleared the way through fallen trees, downed power lines and the pieces of homes and other debris. Then came the mammoth task of supplying food and fresh water to a suffering population whose electrical grid had been wiped out.

“We thank God who gave our council the opportunity to work together and show people the power of God and of faith through actions,” said Grand Knight Noel de León.

De León and his brother Knights in Patillas were not alone. Throughout the island, Knights mobilized to serve their neighbors in the aftermath of the storm.

Armando Vivoni Jr., grand knight of Monseñor José Torres Díaz Council 3836 in Rio Piedras, near San Juan, and K of C General Agent José Lebrón-Sanabria played pivotal roles, helping to orchestrate the distribution of two huge shipments of food and supplies donated by the Supreme Council.

“When the first shipment arrived, Knights all across Puerto Rico rallied together in planning and putting our call to charity into high gear,” Lebrón said. “Councils, assemblies, state council officers, past state deputies, field agents and lots of wives of members joined forces as never before in the distribution effort.”

The Knights have continued to support communities lacking basic goods and services. As of mid-February, thousands of homes were still without electric power, and hardly anyone in the central mountains had running water.

Ongoing local initiatives have been aided by the Supreme Council, which has committed more than $1 million in relief to the island, including material aid for those most in need and funds to help rebuild severely damaged churches and other Catholic institutions.

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